ME Part 2

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 

Chapter 3 

Chapter 4 

Chapter 5

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 12


Blank Jeopardy Template:

Blank Jeopardy Template


Curriculum Based Assessments and Benchmark Tests (Editable): 

The CBAs and Benchmarks have the same questions, but the Curriculum Based Assessments are organized by chapter, while the Benchmark Tests are in a mixed order.


7th Grade ME2 Benchmark 1

7th Grade ME2 Benchmark 2

Additional Problems for 7th Grade ME2 Benchmark 1

8th Grade ME2 Benchmark 1

8th Grade ME2 Benchmark 2


Released STAAR Tests (Not Editable): 

These released STAAR tests can be found on the TEA website ( and can be used as benchmarks or assessments.


7th grade STAAR 2011 (key is on the last page)

7th grade STAAR 2013

7th grade STAAR 2013 key

7th grade STAAR 2014

7th grade STAAR 2014 key

7th grade STAAR 2015 (key is on the last page)


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