ME1 Chapter 9: Geometry

Section 9.1

Section 9.2

Section 9.3

Section 9.4

Section 9.5

Section 9.6

Section 9.SR

Known Errata: 

Student Workbook: 

  • Page 351, Example 5, change the length of the base of the figure to 6 yds. The new area will be 18 square yards, and the new perimeter will be 18 yards.
  • Page 352, Problem 2a. Change the altitude to be the square root of 45 (about 6.7 inches). The new area will be 26.8 square inches
  • Page 353, Problem 3a. Change the length of the lower base to 16 ft and the right-side leg to 10 ft. The new area will be 72 square feet and the new perimeter will be 40 feet.
  • Page 353, Problem 3b. Chang the length of the upper base to be 5. Lower base to 30. Left leg to 15, right leg to 20, and an altitude of 12. The new area will be 210 square units, with a perimeter of 70 units.
  • Page 353, Problem 4. Change the question to say, “An equilateral triangle has a base length of 6 and an altitude of 5.2″. The area will be 15.6 square units.

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